TCS Is Now Altegra Health

The Coding Source (TCS) is now Altegra Health. Altegra Health leads the industry in providing innovative solutions that align healthcare resources for payers, providers, and members. At Altegra Health, we began with a vision to address the complex and multifaceted needs of healthcare organizations through a single, full-service company. The foundation of Altegra Health is five best-in-class companies that started as early as 1990, each with leading capabilities in their respective niches: The Coding Source (TCS), Dynamic Commerce Applications (DCA), Social Service Coordinators (SSC), Austin Provider Solutions (APS), and Sinaiko Healthcare Consulting. These companies have been carefully integrated into a single entity to provide the following solutions:
  • Eligibility & Enrollment Solutions—created by industry pioneer SSC, giving Altegra Health a broad range of eligibility, enrollment, and member engagement services that ultimately lead to better member experiences and improved retention
  • Quality Performance Solutions—developed by APS, an NCQA-certified provider of quality solutions that enables Altegra Health to assist our clients with HEDIS® and Medicare Star quality management and reporting, as well as comprehensive pay-for-performance (P4P) system evaluation and development
  • Risk Adjustment & Encounter Reporting Solutions—based on services and technologies originally developed by DCA and TCS that enable Altegra Health to provide our clients with integrated risk analytics, encounter reporting, medical chart audits, and coding services
  • Reimbursement & Advisory Services—provided by Sinaiko Healthcare Consulting, positioning Altegra Health to offer professional advisory services for payers and providers, including reimbursement and operations improvement, enterprise risk management, financial valuation, and litigation support
HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).