Chart Retrieval & Coding

Efficiently document and report diagnoses with timely, accurate documentation

We offer a full suite of products and consulting services to ensure proper coding of ACA-Commercial, Medicare, and Managed Medicaid members’ charts. Our solutions — retrospective chart retrieval and review, risk adjustment data validation (RADV), certified professional coder (CPC) training, and ongoing physician and staff education — support the effort to capture missing risk adjusting diagnoses and ensure members are appropriately risk adjusted and, in turn, qualify for adjusted premiums. Altegra Health is able to efficiently document and report diagnoses for risk adjustment factors (RAFs). Since 1996, our chart retrieval and coding services have provided proprietary automated workflows, a national network of field reviewers for data collection, and the most experienced clinical auditors in the industry, combined to provide the most effective solutions for retrospective improvements in risk score accuracy. Our service delivery model takes chart review to the highest level, ensuring timeliness, quality, and accurate documentation. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to be used in combination to achieve coding, documentation, validation, and audit goals.


  • Suspect Targeting – Use direct client data from our proprietary RISK View™ risk analytics tool to project and achieve optimal revenue outcomes.
  • Chart Retrieval – Access proprietary technology and provider-sensitive processes to achieve high rates of provider participation and high provider satisfaction scores. Chart recovery methods offer provider flexibility and are HIPAA-compliant, tested, and secure.
  • Clinical Chart Review – Receive chart reviews delivered by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or AAPC-certified coders who capture or delete risk adjusting diagnostic codes and provide data validation audits. Clients receive cost flexibility by choosing from U.S. or Philippines-based operations.
  • Quality Review Processes – Assure the highest standards of coding quality.
  • Alert Client Portal – Obtain real-time transparency into project progress, viewing operational data at each stage of the project, including provider participation, clinical review progress, quality reviews, and the ability to conduct coding overreads.
  • Final Project Reports – Analyze coding outcomes and validate the projected value of the targeting and review process.
  • Data Validation – Confirm the accuracy of existing diagnosis data from health plan or provider documentation, and can be customized to facilitate multiple audits and reviews.
  • ACA and MA RADV Support and Mock RADV – Customize the support services you need with our experienced staff who provide full audit support from start to finish. Read More.