Quality Program Analytics & Reporting

Improve your HEDIS, Star, and other quality reporting processes

We partner with health plans in several unique ways to meet their complete HEDIS®* and other quality reporting needs in order to better manage members’ overall care.  Deployed through as Software as a Service model, our HEDIS.com software and industry-leading expertise enables healthcare organizations with full command over the management of their HEDIS and quality measure reporting and workflow processes. Altegra Health's HEDIS solutions has been serving clients since 1998 – one of the longest tenures of all HEDIS service providers.  Our analytics and reporting process, called HEDIS Smart™, executes quality measure reporting and performance improvement for healthcare organizations focused on improving their membership’s quality performance. Deployed as a SaaS application, HEDIS Smart does away with time-intensive installation, burdensome updates, and costly hardware. Our innovative, interactive, and easy-to-use Web-based platform provides tools and actionable information to streamline the HEDIS and quality reporting process. HEDIS Smart includes all formidable analytics, reporting, and quality improvement tools.


  • Certified Measures – Access NCQA-certified HEDIS and P4P, and state-specific quality measurements (e.g. OMPP, IN).
  • Real-time Viewing – View gaps-in-care, rates, reports and underlying data both prospectively and retroactively.
  • Drill Down Capabilities – Display performance data at provider and member level.
  • Benchmarks – Compare rates to goals that your organization sets.
  • Monitoring – Allow users insight into hybrid rates.

HEDIS.com Solution

Altegra Health's Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to help you manage HEDIS processes and requirements. Click here to learn more. *HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).