Clinical Care Visits

Increase member well-being while improving quality of care

Through Altegra Health, healthcare organizations can support members with clinical care visits through providers. These visits allow members to obtain health assessments, medical tests and follow-up care that increases their overall health and well-being. Quality improvement interventions like clinical care visits allow healthcare organizations to have a greater, positive influence in the health of their members. Through Altegra Health's clinical care visits, lab testing and collection, and coding and data transmission, payers and providers work together to increase the well-being of the individuals they serve, while improving quality of care and member retention.


  • Target Populations Used to Create Intervention Maps – Find members with complex medical conditions that are not getting the appropriate care they need.
  • Complete Patient Profiles  Validate and document all supportable medical conditions used to target care and quality gaps.
  • A Personal "Healthcare Concierge"  Facilitate the appropriate care by assigning every member someone who will support their well-being.
  • Advanced Practice Clinicians  Conduct clinical care visits to provide health evaluations, medical tests, environmental and safety checks, and follow up care.