Targeted Member Outreach for Primary Care Provider Engagement

One solution provides better population health management, lower costs and higher member satisfaction

Primary care is the cornerstone of optimal healthcare. When members see a primary care provider (PCP) regularly, preventive care, condition management and care coordination can be conducted effectively. As a result…
  • Disease management improves
  • Healthcare costs decline
  • Member/patient satisfaction rises
Yet, too many members don’t visit their PCP as needed – or they don’t have one.

How do you engage members in primary care?

With decades of expertise in member engagement, Altegra Health’s SMART Appointment SchedulingTM (SMAS) can help create and strengthen powerful member-PCP relationships. Functioning as a liaison between members and providers, SMAS closes the relationship gap to ensure care needs are met.

Through automated and live communication, SMAS…

  • Educates members on PC value
  • Assists with scheduling PCP appointments
  • Provides valuable partnership throughout the appointment cycle: 
    • Reminder calls to increase member attendance/follow-through
    • SMART Care CardTMdetailing care gaps to address during the visit
    • SMART Confirmation notifying providers of the same care gaps to address
    • Member follow-up calls to confirm attendance and completeness of care

With SMAS, you can…

  • Increase revenue 
    • Address care gaps and improve quality ratings
    • Improve risk adjustment accuracy
  • Decrease costs
    • Expand outreach through automation
    • Avert costly escalation of health issues
  • Achieve improved health outcomes
    • Targeted education, monitoring and connection to live assistance
  • Strengthen the member-provider relationship
    • Deliver personalized health education to your members
    • Facilitate PCP appointment scheduling
    • Identify PCP when a member doesn’t have one
  • Strengthen the member-health plan relationship 
    • Provide concierge-style service - positively impacting member perception of health plan

What more can you do to improve member engagement?

SMAS works in concert with the entire suite of Altegra Health engagement solutions to maximize member engagement. SMART ConnectTM, which provides automated preventive and disease-management communications, and COMMUNITY LinkTM, which pairs members with a variety of assistance programs, integrate to form a holistic member-engagement package. For more information on Altegra Health engagement solutions, call 1-877-461-0415 or email us.