Compliance & Internal Audit

Navigate through the expectations of consumers, regulators, payers, employees and governance

The healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges to continuously improve the quality of its services, procedures and operations, all while reducing cost and overall operating and captial budgets. Navigating these challenges requires an effective risk management strategy that includes a robust internal audit function. Altegra Health's holistic approach, unique in the market, utilizes systematic methodology to assess and analyze organizational business process, compliance and internal control risks while focusing on identifying practical solutions for the following areas:
  • Compliance audits to meet regulatory and various accreditation standards
  • Operational audits to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Financial audits to increase reporting liability
  • Healthcare Information Technology (IT) audits and ICD-10 preparedness assessment
  • Litigation-related audits, investigational or other situation-specific audits


  • Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment - Manage the internal audit and compliance plan development
  • Training and Management - Gain innovative and effective compliance workforce training and interim management
  • Auditing Services - Evaluate and understand audits of documentation, mature corporate and departmental compliance programs
  • Custom Design - Implement specific compliance programs and monitoring processes
  • Policy Creation - Develop compliance standards, policies of conduct and procedures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Ensure special compliance for due diligence in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Privacy and Security - HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA assessment and implmentation

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Derek Woo Vice President, Advisory Services (510) 913-2534 or (877)-271-2762