Community & Social Service Support

Connecting your members with the programs they deserve

Since inception, Altegra Health has worked with beneficiaries to help improve their quality of life and have a positive effect on their overall health and well-being. Through COMMUNITY Link, we can help bring much needed relief from some of the financial challenges facing a growing number of seniors and disabled individuals throughout the country. Additionally, our COMMUNITY Link program provides healthcare consumers with assistance finding public and private benefits for which they may qualify, including the option of state specific education around the Medicaid recertification process, where applicable. Not only do these programs bring some relief from potential financial challenges facing a growing number of individuals throughout the country, but they also positively impact their overall health and well-being.


  • Extensive Database - Access nearly 12,000 public and privately sponsored community programs in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. These programs are sponsored by federal, state, and local governments as well as other community sponsors.
  • Eligibility Evaluation Tool - Determine which programs a plan member may qualify for using our proprietary evaluation tool.
  • Recertification Support - Achieve member compliance with state Medicaid recertification policies.
  • Targeted Assistance and Education - Bring about improved health outcomes, through targeted member education, monitoring and connection to live assistance, when needed.
  • Concierge-Style Service - Strengthen the member-health plan relationship and improve member retention with concierge-style service and co-branded materials.
"You feel so alone out there until you know somebody is out there trying to help you. The big question that (My Advocate) asked me was, ‘how can we help you?’ and when you get somebody like that on the telephone you don’t want to let them go!"
Kevin – New York health plan member
Altegra Health has developed an extensive database of nearly 12,000 public and privately sponsored community programs in all 50 states. This extensive program database along with Altegra Health’s proprietary eligibility evaluation tool enables our advocates in a single interview to determine what programs a health plan member may qualify for. From there, the appropriate applications are completed electronically for submission to the program sponsor.
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Nearly 12,000 community programs located in all 50 states
One simple member interview


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